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Linda A Doll Grid System for Ipad and Sketchclub


Loading the grid into your iPad.

1)    Open the email containing the grid on your iPad

2)    Hold finger down on grid until “Save Image” option appears

3)    Click on “Save Image”

4)    The grid is now in in your iPad in My Photos. GO TO PHOTOS TO BE SURE IT’S THERE.



To ADD Grid on top of a Photo in Sketchclub

1)    Open Sketchclub on your iPad

2)    If screen with “+New Sketch” option doesn’t appear, click on 3 horizontal lines in top right corner.

3)    Click on Back to Gallery

4)    Click on New Sketch

5)    Choose iPad Screen 768 x 1024

6)    Click on Layers Palette (2 white sheets in top left corner)

7)    If you don’t see 5 layers and options including Load Image click on the box next to the word layers. The one that has one horizontal box at top and 2 vertical boxes underneath.

8)    Click on Bottom layer that is the closest to the bottom of box

9)    Make sure that the Photo you want to work with is in Photos

10) Click on Load Image

11) Click on Photo Library

12) Click on Layers Palette again (2 white sheets in top left corner)

13) You should see your photo on the bottom layer

14) Click on the layer just above your photo.  It will turn red

15) On same screen, click Load Image and choose Photo Library again

16) Choose the Grid

17) Click the Layers Palette again and choose Multiply.  You should see photo and grid

18) Click on Transform and using 2 fingers squeeze down or move the grid to fit sketch or photo the way you want it to.

19) Click Done in top right hand corner

20) Now when you use 2 fingers to scale/move it moves both layers.

21) For small detail, use 2 fingers to zoom in closer to that section.

22) To close image go the 3 horizontal lines in top right corner and choose Back to Gallery and Save Changes or Save as Copy or Discard Changes


To transfer your small gridded image to tracing paper, you will need the large paper grid that you get from Linda Doll.


Put this large grid under tracing paper and proceed as you would with the plastic grids.


If you don’t have the directions for the plastic grid system, print it from my web page.



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