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“My ‘LIFESCAPES’, my Digital collage pieces are quite exciting for me. There’s such freedom in being able to photograph exactly what I find aesthetically appealing and then to be able to combine or collage these photos back in the studio in Adobe Photoshop and In Painter. I am then able to manipulate these photos, adjusting the image, colors, values, intensities, etc. just as I do when painting.“


When my husband of 48 years passed away I was lost and looking for a new way to express myself.  These pieces are the healing process that allowed me to move on.   Each is very personal and talks about my "one day at a time".  This journey was healing and rewarding.  My  husband always said one day computers would create art and I argued that artists would use computers to create art.  I think he would have like this series very much. 


“This new medium “digital collage” allows me to piece together ideas, concepts, visual elements, pieces of experience and memories rather than just bits of paper and is perfect for me to be able to put to paper my thoughts, ideas, and messages.”  The first are photos and stories from an emotional  Camping Trip with my neighbors to the California Desert - the first trip without him. The rest are from several trips to Mexico: Acapulco, Puerto Vallarta and San Miguel de Allende and to Italy and Spain with Flying Colors Art Workshops. Each set has it's own color harmony and feeling based on the actual location the photos were taken at. Included are several personal items that meant a great deal to both of us.  The circles are both our wedding bands.  I had them linked together when he died and have worn them ever since. They seem to show up in many of the pieces.  One of the pieces says it best. The Excursion, the journey begins.....Here are my latest digital collages...There are over 50 in the series.  Most of these are an edition of 12.  The framed pieces are framed with a cherry wood frame and white archival mat.