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Private Critique
Online Art Critique

Fee: $50.00 U.S.

The only instruction many artists need is a couple of critiques a year. For those interested here is the information.


Send me digital images of your work through Email: Send 4-12 digital images of your work via email to Linda Doll, lindadoll@me.com.

Make an appointment with me where we will participate in a GoToMeeting Conference on our computers where we will discuss your paintings live. You will be able to see your painting live on my monitor and see my mouse point to different areas.  I will ask you questions to determine your intent.  

You can use PayPal through my webpage. You must have a PayPal account to use this feature or you can give me your credit card number and I’ll process it through my “Square".

Once you have booked an appointment, I’ll send you a link to our private meeting.  The first time you will need to download GoToMeeting.com.  This is a free download.  I pay at my end for the conference so you don’t have to have a paid account.  I will talk you through the download and start up if you need. I prefer to do Tuesdays but can do other days if need be.


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Regular price $50